April 10, 2017

100 Days of Bees

"Every day a whole new universe is born." Henry David Thoreau

I'm calling April a really big deal - I committed to the #100dayproject and I also booked my next solo show for July at Gallery on First in Sanford, Florida. Big leaps!

Across the globe, people are sharing images on Instagram from their creative projects. If you're curious about The 100 Day Project, read more here.

Since I had already decided that the theme of my next series would be inspired by the poem from Antonio Machado, bees were swirling in my creative head space. When I discovered the 100 Day Project, it was a natural fit to sign on with the purpose of creating bee themed artwork. While committing to doing anything consistently for 100 days is daunting, I am feeling very positive about investing in my art wheelhouse.

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