June 21, 2017

Honey from my Failures

This show has been percolating for more than 10 years....all from a poem that was shared with me in 2006. The memorable imagery from Antonio Machado has taken hold in my psyche. The four stanzas of the poem describe dream sequences that are vivid and mysterious. 

In November of 2016, I created a body of work inspired by the aqueducts in the first paragraph. Since  January of 2017, I have been creating work inspired by the beehive and honeycomb references in the second paragraph. 

I will be sharing this body of work at Gallery on First in Sanford, Florida from July 15 to August 6. I am excited to be collaborating with paper artist Suzanne Oberholtzer who is creating a heart shaped honeycomb in her paper-making studio. 

If you are in Central Florida on Saturday, July 15, please stop by the gallery for the opening reception from 6:00 to 9:00pm, coinciding with Sanford Art Walk. 

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